Dashboard - Overview

ETHO circulating supply



Supply distribution


The overview dashboard provides a breakdown on the ETHO circulating supply. The supply is limited to around 70 Mio with then a annual inflation at 3%.

The supply can be broken down into 5 pillars
  • Wrapped ETHO
  • This is ETHO being wrapped on ETH in order to be traded on Kucoin and other exchanges using wrapped ETHO
  • Nodes
  • ETHO locked in nodes as collateral
  • Development fund
  • The development generated by ETHO according to the moneytary policy
  • Exchanges
  • Funds being in the wallets of exchanges like Kucoin, STEX, Probit, Graviex and Mercatox
  • HODL
  • ETHO locked into private accounts

Monetary policy

Dev account with multisig in ETHO over 30 days

The dev account account gets refilled by the blockchain emission schedule and depleted by council decisions(Addr: 0xBA57dFe21F78F921F53B83fFE1958Bbab50F6b46/transactions)

Masternode account in ETHO over 7 days

The masternode account gets refilled by the blockchain emission schedule and depleted by the daily payments for masternodes(Addr: 0x00C41297cCEbe446AAbc154F32b16aEDE14E50aB)

Compared to other coins, the supply of ETHO is fairly limited and will be a basis for a higher evaluation per coin. ETHO is a minable coin with proof of work.

Ethp protocol is a minable coin based on Ethereum and incorporates IPFS in a master node concept. Currently Etho protocol provide 3 master node tiers, reach generating a revenue for node holders of 10%. More information can be found here: